Four Easy Ways To Reduce Blue Light Exposure

One of the most common concerns of the present day is the damage on the eyes after staring at a screen for hours at a time. This is called blue light. The blue light coming from nearly all monitors and t.v. screens can be some of the most dangerous of all the visible lights and is just below the strength of ultraviolet light. With extended exposure potentially causing severe eye strain and permanent damage.

Blue light is part of the spectrum of colored light rays that encompasses visible and invisible light energy. It can be found in a variety of sources ranging from light from the sun to digital screens or indoor lighting. With a wavelength of around 400-500 nanometers, blue light consists of the shortest wavelengths of all visible lights with only ultraviolet (invisible radiation) being lower. The shorter wavelengths that blue light consists of also packs the highest energy levels in the visible light scale. This can have a variety of different effects on people in different circumstances.

On a positive note, blue light can actually be very good for you at controlled amounts and even necessary for your body’s health. Studies have shown that blue light is very important in the circadian system that regulates sleep patterns, an essential function. It can also help boost alertness, memory, and be used as a treatment for certain conditions/treatments. 

However, in excessive amounts, it can have inverse effects and prove very harmful to the body. Too much direct exposure to blue light, like what happens while on screens, can disrupt sleep patterns, cause headaches, and be damaging to the eye -- especially because they are particularly weak at blocking blue light from entering. Especially when exposed to at night, during prime gaming hours, blue light has been shown to be increasingly harmful by suppressing melatonin production, which in turn harms sleep cycles and can cause negative effects such as diabetes, depression, and more. Additionally, the high energy waves that blue light produces can cause digital eye strain which can result in irritation, soreness, and difficulty focusing. More significantly though, blue light can reach all the way to the retinas and cause much more long-term effects like damaged cells or even potentially blindness in extreme cases.

Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions for this problem that you can implement to protect your eyes and body from over exposure to blue light during gaming or even in your daily routine. 


Reduce screen time - The simplest solution is to reduce screen time or at least take breaks from time to time. Giving your eyes a break from the constant exposure for even just short periods at a time can be extremely beneficial and ease the strain on your eyes. However, sometimes we all get caught up in the fun and go on lengthy gaming sessions or get busy doing some kind of work with no breaks because it was just that kind of night. 

Filter out blue light - In these situations, we can employ a couple different tools or strategies to keep safe. For one, many phones, computers, and screens have different settings or modes that allow you to filter out a majority of the blue light in favor of dimmer red or orange light. You can typically even have it set to turn on at a certain time so that you reduce your blue light intake during night, but keep it active during the day when it can be more beneficial. 

Blue light glasses - However, not all monitors or television screens have a setting like this. In these cases it can be helpful to invest in a pair of blue light glasses. Blue light glasses are a type of glasses specifically meant for use while using some form of a screen. With a built in yellow tint, the glasses are able to block a majority of the blue light and increase contrast to reduce strain on the eyes. 

Take a supplement - Finally, perhaps the most convenient and enjoyable solution would be to just grab some JuJu and make yourself a drink for when you’re gaming or using a screen.

Amazingly enough, JuJu’s energy formula can even be beneficial in protecting your eyes through just a cup of its drink. The secret to this unique ability is one of the core ingredients in the JuJu energy formula: Lutemax2020. Lutemax2020 is a naturally derived extract from the marigold flower that contains macular carotenoids in similar ratios to what is found in natural diets. These macular carotenoids are some of the most essential nutrients in protecting the eye, and more specifically the retina, from blue light exposure by acting as filters and absorbing much of the high energy light coming from the sun or digital screens. These nutrients in Lutemax2020 have been shown in clinical research to effectively regulate the cells in causing stress in the eye, and therefore act as a protection when the receptors in the eye are exposed to blue light. This helps reduce eye fatigue, stress, and headaches that can be caused by excessive blue light exposure. It has also been shown to help in general eyesight capabilities in many different ways and ensure that the eyes are working optimally. An important aspect for not just the short-term, but for further in the future as well. Additionally, certain nutrients within Lutemax2020 can be very important for not only eye health, but also in boosting cognitive functions and keeping the brain and skin healthy. Creating a very wide encompassing supplement that can prove very beneficial to those who make use of it, which is made incredibly easy through JuJu’s energy formula.

NoctWolf Blue Light Strain

Content creator NoctWolf talks on TikTok about how JuJu helps eliminate headaches associated with gaming and eye strain

With all the potential dangers of extended blue light exposure, it is important for everyone to regulate and keep themselves safe and healthy. While there are a number of ways for someone to do so, JuJu provides one of the easiest and most effective of the solutions. With JuJu’s energy formula, you can keep your eyes, brain, and skin in top shape while just enjoying a refreshing drink in the flavor of your choice. JuJu truly provides an all around win for everyone who makes use of it, allowing you to continue your work, keep grinding out the video games with friends, or whatever else you might choose to do knowing you can be protected and stay safe.


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