How JuJu can help you in every genre of your gaming!

How JuJu can help you in every genre of your gaming!

JuJu’s specially crafted formula designed for optimal gaming is an extremely versatile tool that can help all sorts of players. The formula targets several key skills and functions that every gamer needs in their game no matter what playstyle they have, game they play, or console they play on. 


Shooter/Battle Royale

As one of the most dominant game genres of this era, first and third person shooter games are some of the most commonly played games with battle royales also taking up a surge of popularity in recent times. To account for this, JuJu’s formula can especially help support shooter gamers and target the specific skills they need to be strongest in to provide a more localized boost. First off, the reaction speed boost provided by Alpha GPC is one of the most crucial in the fast-paced action of shooter games. With JuJu’s enhancement to such a skill, you can ensure yourself to be out there looking like Symfuhny or Shroud with those quick flicks snapping right to the opponents heads before they can even react to you. The increased focus from bacopa monnieri similarly allows you to stay ‘in the zone’ for longer periods of time so that you can maintain your optimal play without getting easily pulled out of focus. Personally, as a primarily fps and battle royale type gamer myself, I have found the increased energy to be the most beneficial and make the most noticeable difference in my gameplay. The combination of natural caffeine and supplement in the JuJu formula provides a lengthened energy boost that keeps me active and aware in my games even during the extended play sessions that last hours long. It allows me to constantly stay alert and aware of my surroundings to be able to react and respond in a timely manner no matter how late I might be playing until or how long it might go for.


Although strategy games may not have the same need for a blinding quick reaction speed like other games might, you can still definitely find a benefit for them within JuJu’s formula. Strategy games rely on your ability to maintain a calm composure to formulate plans and be able to outthink/outsmart your opponent. In order to do so, you need to have a razor sharp focus that doesn’t waver at any point throughout the match. By keeping a cup of JuJu with you while you play, you can make sure you’re able to stay focused into your game, and with the added energy boost you can also stay ready for longer matches that might come up against tough opponents. This ensures that you can have full control of the results of the match and not let any other factors get in your way on the path to victory.


Sports games similarly require a lot of the strategic thinking and awareness that strategy games do, but also require quick reaction times to make those quick gametime decisions/moves. The reaction speed support found in JuJu is definitely a major help in sports games where you have to react and take advantage of miniscule openings in the opponent's defense and then be able to go back to respond and defend your opponents attempts at getting by you as well. Additionally, the focus and energy boost provided by JuJu will definitely be a major help in those long games against tough opponents. Staying in that always alert state of focus is especially important during sports games because the opening you have open in close so fast. Whether that be a single wide receiver being open for a split second before it would turn into an interception, a pitch coming at full speed or a last second open shot with a defender closing in, staying focused and ready to react is crucial in sports and their fast paced movement.


Similarly, JuJu can provide benefits specially tailored to the functions required in racing type games as well. Racing games involve less of the super intricate strategy, but a lot more importance on the smaller details and more precise movements when attempting to take a turn at hundreds of miles an hour or maintain a draft behind another car also going hundreds of miles per hour. So although there may be certain differences there, JuJu can still help racing gamers by boosting their focus and reaction time. The precise focus is necessary at all times, just like when driving a real car, to maintain a clean drive for maximum speed at all times. If that focus wavers then so could the car as it rams into a wall losing valuable time, which is of precious value in racing games. With such high speeds and fast races, there is also very little time to react to any sudden movements/adjustments that need to be made. The faster you the faster your reaction speed needs to be to keep up with that high speed, so JuJu’s ability to strengthen reaction speed can come in very crucial in allowing higher speeds to be achieved and fast times to reach as a result.