The JuJu “Not So Secret” Formula

While the powder you use to make your version of JuJu’s energy drink may look simple enough, it’s actually a formula specifically designed and crafted to provide the best possible benefits for you using the best possible ingredients. The JuJu formula was engineered by bioscientists specifically for gamers to ensure optimal functionality and peak performance when you need it. Despite such an intricate process with carefully selected ingredients, the formula is not kept hidden at all. It is open for everyone to see because there is nothing to hide. The formula consists of no proprietary blends to try to confuse or keep something hidden from you and is filled with only the most premium and high quality ingredients. So much so that each of the core ingredients has its own unique benefit to be provided to you and is even explained in full detail for your own knowledge of what you consume:


VegiSURGE is one of those almost too good to be true types of ingredients. It’s a 99% natural based caffeine made from green tea leaves/green coffee beans that also happens to be non-GMO and specifically optimized for drinks like JuJu. As such an ingredient, it can provide sustainable and cleaner energy without the downsides of a typical caffeinated drink that is made from synthetic caffeine. It frees the body from the sudden and unnatural spike in energy that comes from a standard energy drink and instead offers a cleaner alternative better suited for your mind and body. This means that you can comfortably make use of the added energy and endurance without worry of restless jitters or a post-drink crash. 


Lutemax2020 is another ingredient in JuJu’s formula that is naturally derived, coming from an extract of the marigold flower. It contains several of the key nutrients involved in protecting the eye from harmful rays of light in a ratio that ensures it stays as close to the natural order as possible. The added protection provided by Lutemax2020 in JuJu is most specifically intended to protect against the blue light that many people expose themselves to at abnormally high rates in the age of technology with digital screens everywhere. It also reduces general eye fatigue, stress and headaches that can be caused by damaging rays of light being exposed to the eye without proper protection. Lutemax2020 also has several other added benefits such as maintaining optimal eye function, keeping the brain and skin healthy, and improving general cognitive function.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is an ingredient with uses dating back to ancient times. It is a plant based medicine that has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes including but not limited to improving memory, treating certain conditions, and general well-being. In the JuJu formula, it takes the role of helping the user sharpen their focus and strengthen their mind. Several scientific studies have shown a correlation between bacopa monnieri and a boost in several brain functions like memory recall, stress and anxiety relief, and a reduction in distracted behavior. All of which provides several different angles to help work together for a collective boost in focusing ability and memory recall for more productive and efficient work of any kind.

Cordyceps Mycelium 

Cordyceps Mycelium is another ingredient that has been in use since ancient times as a Chinese medicine to treat fatigue, sickness, diseases, etc. It has since become very popular in modern supplements and medicine due to the several potential benefits it provides. Cordyceps can boost exercise performance, fight inflammation, protect against tumors, benefit the heart, and more. In the JuJu formula, it is most directly used to fight fatigue to keep you energized and also boost performance under stressful situations so you can make sure you secure your victory in those clutch moments.

Alpha GPC 

Alpha GPC is another part of the JuJu formula that helps to strengthen your mental and physical performance. It works by increasing the levels of a certain chemical in your brain that is essential to several functions like learning and responsive capabilities. Furthermore, through this chemical boost in your brain, you can work to speed up your reaction time in not only the mental reaction aspect, but also the physical response for it. This means you could be able to make quicker decisions in game time moments, react to new threats with a boosted speed, and improve your gameplay all around for better success with the help of Alpha GPC.

B, C & D vitamins + antioxidants 

JuJu’s formula also provides several traditional vitamins that are essential for your general health and well being. More specifically, it contains generous amounts of the vitamins B, C, and D. Vitamin B is a key vitamin for maintaining good health as it has a direct impact on energy levels, brain function, and prevention of infections in addition to several other benefits. Vitamin C helps protect your cells from damage and can therefore be helpful in preventing all kinds of conditions and diseases by boosting immunity. Vitamin D similarly boosts immunity but also helps strengthen the bone, muscle, and heart. The other added antioxidants provide a complementary support to the vitamins in helping boost immunity to several diseases like cancer and certain heart conditions.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink himalayan salt, while it may seem like some outlandish ingredient that is just unnecessary and fancy sounding when regular salt is already available, is actually very beneficial and can provide several benefits beyond that of regular salt. Not only is the himalayan pink version a more natural form of salt, it also provides more mineral for the body to take in and make of. Through this, the himalayan pink salt can provide several benefits like reducing dehydration, preventing low blood pressure, and relaxing muscles.