JuJu Gaming Formula Advantage

JuJu™ isn’t just another powered energy drink. It’s a Professional Grade Gaming Formula™ that picks up where other energy drinks and powders stop.

JuJu Energy Shaker Cup

Unlike energy drinks and gaming supplements that are mostly just synthetic caffeine, fillers and meaningless amounts of nootropics or other “active” ingredients, JuJu’s powerful, no-BS performance formula is packed with natural caffeine, vitamins and cutting-edge nootropics in potent dosages. So, you get more of the good stuff per serving. Not sure? We invite you to compare our label with other energy drinks. We think you’ll quickly see where we’re coming from.

We created JuJu because we were fed up with energy products and claims that didn’t measure up. So, we partnered with top tier biochemists to create a healthy, ultra-premium energy + performance formula specifically for gamers. We think the result is magic.


No BS – We’ll tell you exactly what and how much of each ingredient is in every serving of JuJu, so you know exactly what you’re ingesting. We don’t believe in hiding ingredients or dosages behind catch-all “energy blends” or “nootropic complexes” language.

Healthiness No sugar, natural caffeine, low carbs, low calories and low sodium. ‘Nuff said.

Premium ingredients – JuJu is packed with natural caffeine sourced from green coffee beans and Himalayan Pink Salt instead of artificial sodium. We also use high quality ingredients such Lutemax2020 to reduce blue light strain and Cordyceps Mycelium to fight stress and fatigue. We think you get the idea, but if you want more, see our ingredients.

Proper dosages – If it’s on our label, it has a purpose, and you can expect a meaningful dosage. Compare that to energy drinks that list meaningless micro doses of expensive supplements and nootropics on their label, just so they can claim that their formula has them.

Happiness Guaranteed – If you’re not, 100% satisfied with JuJu, hit us up and we’ll make it right. Pinky swear!

Magic – Yeah, you got that right! We believe in magic. At least, the JuJu kind. Make the most of it.

Leveling up – We believe in the grind. In putting in the work. Pushing for the next objective. Making it to next level and beating the boss. Game on!


Take the JuJu™ Label Challenge  

We invite you to compare JuJu’s list of ingredients and dosages to other energy drinks. We think you’ll quickly see the difference. Have questions or want to discuss? Drop us a line